My name is Jess, also called joyful Jess: because my purpose is to spark joy

I’m here to guide you on your journey to remember who you really are and help you rediscover your inner spark of joy. Doing that brings joy to you and to me – WIN WIN situation!

I've done everything right by society's playbook and still the quarter-life crisis hit me hard!

After my quarter-life crisis, I shifted my life completely upside down and learned the importance of following the path that brings me the most joy.

I dropped all fancy professional titles and recognition to embark on a quest to find my soul purpose and inner joy. Thankfully, after endless trials and errors, I found my soul purpose and joy in guiding other finding theirs.

I found my way back to my inner joy and soul purpose. I'm here to share that with others who are seeking theirs.

I am now sharing my experience with others who are in similar situations. I help young professionals who are facing their quarter-life crisis rediscover their inner joy and live in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

Now I am supporting my brave seekers through coaching on their journey towards more joy in their life. Focusing on joy brings them in alignment with their soul purpose which is the highest state we as humans can be in.

A bit more about me?

Human Design?

I'm a 6/3 mental projector



Favorite animal?

Highland cow


Morning sleep

Love Languages?

Physical touch + Act of Service

Side hustle?

Lomi Lomi Massage

Favorite dish?

Pasta with Calabrese Pesto

I can never stop



Dharma/Spiritual Life Coach

Graduated at Dharma Coaching Institute after completing a 6 months coaching training. This certification is recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Holistic Human Design Coaching

During an intense 10 week course I was diving even deeper into the Human Design world than before. Having learned the wisdom of this system I am now supporting you with individual 1 on 1 readings.

Psychological and Systemic Coach

Accredited by VFTC (association of freelance trainers and coaches) after an intense full time 4 months coaching class with more than 750 hours of training.

ITIL Foundation Certificate In It Service Management

Being in love with processes and process optimisation, ITIL was my way to go.

Professional Scrum Product Owner

After working with different Project Management methodologies, I specialised in the agile world.

Professional Scrum Master

After working with different Project Management methodologies, I specialised in the agile world.