Let's coach you to remember who you really are and spark inner joy back to your life

I help young professionals facing their quarter-life crisis rediscover their inner joy and live in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

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How do we find your inner spark of joy?

With a blend of one-on-one coaching and Human Design analysis, we will be setting a focus on finding out what sparks the most joy in you

We will start with a Human Design analysis to find who you really are. Through our personalized one-on-one coaching flow, we will create clarity about your vision, goals, and soul’s purpose

Together we will look at the embodiment of you living your purpose and dream life while still balancing all life has to offer. This perfect balance will spark joy within you!

My name is Jess, also called joyful Jess: because my purpose is to spark joy

I’m a certified life and soul purpose coach as well as a psychological and systemic coach.

After going through my quarter-life crisis in a successful yet unsatisfying career, I completely shifted my life to find my inner sparkle of joy. Now I am supporting others like you through coaching on their journey towards more joy in their lives.

You might find our future coaching helpful if you...

Coaching with me feels just right for you? Here is how we can work together

For Yourself

Personalized and private one-on-one regular coaching via Zoom calls

For Your Group

Focused in-person or online group coaching for professional teams, retreats or partners

For Your Loved Ones

Gifting the power of Human Design reading to your children, romantic and professional partners, etc.

Some of the topics that we can cover during our coaching calls

Finding your true design and Life purpose

Overcoming limiting beliefs, fears & chatters

Activating and sparking your inner joy

Processing your emotions and feelings

Finding your true expression and calling

Making better decisions leading to your growth

My Tribe

Coaching Packages

Are you ready for your leap forward to your dream life?

Individual Coaching

  • 1 month €1,222
  • 3 months €3,333
  • 6 months €5,555

Personalized and private one-on-one weekly coaching focused on your needs and where you are in life

You’ll embark on a deeply personalized coaching experience aimed at rediscovering your inner joy and aligning with your soul’s purpose. During these sessions, which can extend over 1, 3, or 6 months, we will work to clarify your visions, goals, and aspirations. You’ll explore what’s holding you back and map out the discrepancies between your current state and where you aspire to be.

With my expertise in spiritual life and soul purpose coaching, I will guide you through a transformative process, offering tools and strategies that resonate with your unique life situation. These sessions are not just about finding answers but about sparking a journey of self-discovery and personal fulfillment.

Group Coaching

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Focused in-person or online group coaching for professional teams, retreats or partners.

Ideal for professional teams, retreats, or partner groups, these sessions offer a unique opportunity to grow alongside others, sharing insights and learning from diverse perspectives.

Within these group coaching sessions, the participants will find themselves in a dynamic and supportive environment.

My background in consulting and training enriches these sessions, making them a powerful space for both personal and group evolution. Here, participants not only advance their own goals but also gain from the collective wisdom and experiences of the group, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Human Design Reading

  • Basic Reading €155
  • Advanced Reading €222
  • Life Purpose Coachig Custom

Comprehensive chart analysis into your true design

Your Human Design reading sessions are an exploration into the core of your being. Offering Basic, Advanced, and Life Purpose Readings, we will explore a spectrum of insights into your personal makeup.

The Basic Reading introduces the fundamentals of your Human Design, laying the groundwork for deeper exploration.

The Advanced Reading goes further, examining the intricacies of your personality and potential conditioning.

The Life Purpose Reading is particularly insightful, focusing on your Incarnation Cross to reveal a life theme that is integral to your journey.

These sessions are designed to offer you profound self-awareness, serving as a key element in your overall coaching experience. They are not just readings but gateways to understanding your true nature and how you can align it with your life’s path.

Book clarity call for the life purpose coaching:

Quick Chit Chat

  • 60 Minutes €88
  • 90 Minutes €111

Discuss your goals and get a feel for my coaching style before investing in longer sessions

Your “Quick Chit Chat” sessions with me are more than just brief interactions; they are gateways to understanding and guidance on specific small topics.

Whether you opt for a 60 or 90-minute session, these chats are designed to give you an opportunity to get a taste of my coaching philosophy, discuss specific issues, or seek initial guidance.

These sessions are particularly beneficial if you’re considering embarking on a longer coaching journey. They offer a glimpse into the transformative potential of my coaching and how my personalized approach can cater to your unique needs and aspirations. 


Let's make sure all of your questions are answered

Congratulations on stepping up for yourself and wanting to go on this transformational journey towards more joy! 

You can simply shoot me a message, best add your number and I will get in touch with you shortly. You can also use this link https://calendly.com/joyfulbyjess/claritycall to set up a free clarity call where we will discuss all your open questions and more. 
For my work it is essential that our energies are matching and before I take on clients, I would like to get to know you and feel into our energies. 
Don’t worry, in case we are not a perfect match, I have a network of coaches I can refer you to to find you a coach!

You gain clarity on your visions and goals, tackle what’s holding you back, and find alignment with your soul’s purpose. The sessions are aimed at sparking joy and facilitating personal growth and transformation. 

We can speak English or German during our sessions. I am working on improving my Spanish and French skills as well but would not want to be coaching in these languages yet. Happy to improve my smalltalk skills though 🙂

Yes, you can have a “Quick Chit Chat” session with me, lasting either 60 or 90 minutes, to discuss your goals and get a feel for my coaching style before investing in longer sessions.

However, coaching is a journey and a process. To really be taking the most out of this, it is essential that we have at least 4 coaching sessions together. 

As an existing customer you can also book single sessions or packages according to your needs.

My coaching methods blend one-on-one coaching with Human Design analysis, focusing on sparking joy and aligning with your soul’s purpose. My approach is personalized, incorporating my background in psychological and systemic coaching

Yes. I have coached people before on becoming a digital nomad and handling the journey. If you’re looking to become a digital nomad or if you’re currently one and looking to upgrade your experience, I can coach you through it. 

You have to do the work! 
Coaching is a process and it’s a misconception to think that your coach is gonna heal or “fix” you within your sessions. 
You are going on a journey of self development and the time in between two sessions is just as valuable as the session itself. You get to reflect, integrate and take aligned action in between two Coaching Sessions.

Depending on the individual situation, there might also be some “homework” every now and then where you might get to challenge yourself in certain areas of your life. 

Human Design analysis is used to gain insights into your character and purpose, helping to tailor the coaching sessions to your individual needs. It aids in understanding your unique makeup and aligning your life choices with your innate design​.

I’m a certified holistic Human Design, life and soul purpose coach with additional qualifications in psychological and systemic coaching from organizations like “Dharma Coaching Institute”, “all about Human Design”, “VFTC”, and more. I have experience in consulting and training, which enriches my coaching approach.

I tailor coaching sessions by understanding your unique Human Design, setting a focus on your current and desired states, and addressing your specific challenges and goals. The approach is personalized to ensure alignment with your individual journey and objectives.

This also is up to you. A lot of coachees are requesting recordings because they love to be diving into the sessions and their AHA moments again after a session. If you feel comfortable with it, I can record the session and share the recording with you afterwards. Same here, everything is confidential and nothing is going to be shared with anyone outside our safe container.